Sunday, October 20, 2013

Time Lapse with ASI 120MM all-Sky Lens

This video is a 2 hour time lapse taken with the ASI 120MM and the supplied all-sky lens. The image is a series of 7-second exposures covering 2 hours (the inevitable clouds roll in a quarter of the way through). The sensitivity is excellent and the noise very low. In the early section, you can see significant faint detail around several of the stars (you have to look carefully in this compressed version). This is the nebulosity of the Milky Way itself. It's quite an achievement to see that with an almost-full moon above the horizon and high-level haze.  This appears to be an excellent camera, and superior to the MC in both noise and sensitivity. (Note--the video is compressed. the artifacts seen here are not in the original video, which is pristine).