Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Washout for the Orionids

The Orionids is a meteor shower made up of debris scattered by Halley's Comet. I was hoping that tonight I might be able to capture a few meteors using the ASI120MM in all-sky mode. But, like last night, after a clear start to the evening, the clouds rolled in by 8:15 or so. This has been the pattern for many nights: clear or very nearly clear days and clear evenings followed by cloud by 9 pm. It has been a frustrating year for astronomy here in Indiana. The video is too large to upload, even in compressed form. Below is a still frame. Click for a larger image.

All-sky capture from my yard
Update--it did clear around 9 pm and I captured more video. No meteors, but you can see Cassiopeia emerging from the trees at the bottom of the image.