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Live stacking--and mixed results with the new Mallincam Sky Software.

The latest Mallincam software has a really valuable new addition--live stacking that auto-aligns the captured frames into a single image. This ability to stack exposures, especially short ones, allows the capture of pinpoint stars, even if the scope's tracking is less than perfect. For example, a single, 30-second integration might show some "smearing" of stars if the mount or alignment is "less-than-perfect." But 6 x 5 second stacked integrations will show virtually no tracking errors.

I tried the setup out for the first time last night with the Mallincam DS 2.3+ with 0.5x focal reducer and Orion Skyglow imaging filter. The scope was the VRC6 on the ZEQ 25 mount. The sky was less than perfect and conditions deteriorated through the evening. By 1 am, skyglow was quite intense.

The first thing I noticed is that 6 x 5 second integrations are not the same as a single, 30-second integration (the gain settings were the same and the software was set to stack DSOs). I…