Thursday, April 19, 2012

Composite of 2 shots

This is a composite of two differently processed versions of the same image, designed to show both prominences and surface detail.  I need to work a little more on the technique, but it looks promising.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crude, but effective!

This is the crude, but effective box I made for the camera.  The lens has been removed and the circuit board mounted on foam in a little food container.  The tube is the container for 35mm film cut and glued into place.  It has the same diameter as a 1.25 inch eyepiece.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Video Imaging

I recently got hold of a .0001 lux color imager.  It's an inexpensive board-based security cam based on the excellent Sony Super HAD CCD II (the board is about an inch square!).  I'm looking forward to using it for 'live" views of deep sky objects.  Initial tests show incredible low-light performance.  I'll take the lens off tomorrow and put it in a case.  Next step--hang it on the scope.  Should be interesting!

The Observatory

The observatory will be a converted Arrow Highpoint 10' x 12' shed.  The shed will be converted to a run-off. I am much indebted to those who have gone before me and converted this excellent building into an observatory.  The plan involves making a  wooden frame to top the walls, an identical frame on which to build the roof, and yet a third frame to stand on "legs" behind the building to roll the roof onto.

I will post images and movies as the building gets underway...wish me luck!

A Dream Come True!

I'm finally getting to realize a lifelong dream.  I am building my own dedicated observatory!  The observatory will be called The Walnut Ridge Observatory.  Situated a few miles away under dark skies in the county, it will enable me to really get the most out of the 14 inch.  The video shows the view looking south from the site.  I will update the blog with pix and progress reports.