Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Orion Molecular Cloud

Flame and Horsehead
Last night was one of the best we have had all year--above freezing temps (just), decent seeing, high transparency, and little sky glow. I took out the 8 inch, f/4 Newt and the DS 16C. All these images were taken with no dark subtraction, no filters, and were stacks of 20 x 15-second integrations. Of course, there is noise in the images as a result of the "raw" stack, but the images are pretty decent.

The Orion Molecular cloud has many wonderful objects for imaging, and last night's conditions enabled me to capture some of them: the Running Man Nebula, the Flame and Horsehead Nebulas, and, of course, the mighty Great Nebula itself.

The Great Nebula

The Running Man and the Great Nebula