Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Sun on October 12, 2013

Here are some pix of the sun taken today. I've focused primarily on the AR 1861-1865 complex as it has the potential to release X-Class flares. Seeing was poor/fair, with lots of water vapor in the air. The images also show some comparisons between the old Lifecam and the new ASI imager.

This image was captured with the LifeCam and 1280x720
The LifeCam image at 1280x720, 30 FPS gives a good chunk of the whole disk. For the ASI, I had to use a Barlow to get good focus. In addition, I had a hard time getting a good framerate, so I captured at 640x40 @47 FPS. The first image, after processing, is a zoomed in view of the active area.

AR 1861 Complex with ASI
Finally, here's one more shot (not as cropped, but with some additional de-noising and sharpening:

AR 1861 Complex
There was also a rather nice prominence visible, too:

I have noticed some artifacts on the ASI images after output from Registax--a pattern of dots. I'm not sure what they are (artifacts of the Bayer Matrix?), but de-noising seems to remove them:
Grid Pattern after Registax Wavelet