Saturday, October 19, 2013

ASI120MC vs 120MM Long-Exposure Noise

I decided to order a 120MM to compare the monochrome version of the ASI camera with the color version. The color version generates significant noise with longer exposures. This noise, can be reduced by adding an external peltier (as demonstrated in a an earlier post). Below are two images comparing the noise of the 2 imagers with an approx 17-second exposure.

ASI 120MC at 19.3 degrees C and 17 second exposure

ASI 120MM at 22 degrees C and 17 second exposure
As you can see, there is a marked difference in noise levels. I have read that the MM version if also 4 times more sensitive than the MC, with a significant improvement in QE. I will be returning the MC and will order a filter wheel shortly. I'm looking forward to doing some deep sky imaging with the MM!