Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Solar Image Reprocessing--A New Workflow

Below are a couple of images I reprocessed using a couple of new techniques I learned about via the Yahoo PST group. I'm especially grateful to smerral who shared his Photoshop workflow which is used in the approach below.  As you can see, it makes for dramatic and rather artistic images; details are sharper and more distinct and you can really see the turbulent nature of the solar surface.

The technique is as follows:

I capture the images as monochrome in 1000 frame AVIs.  I stack them and wavelet process in Registax, stacking the best 200 frames.  I then import the images into Photoshop.  In PS, I use the Invert function to invert the images.  I then use the Deep Yellow filter (setting it to 85) to perform initial coloring.  I then crank up the red with the Color Balance function.  I use noise reduction and either sharpening or smart sharpening to produce the sharpest image with most detail (unsharp mask does not seem to work well on these images).  I then use the "replace color" function to create a black sky around the inverted image.  I may try this approach more often.