Saturday, February 9, 2013

PST Plus SolarMaxII ready for action!

This is a pic of the PST/SolarMaxII combo; it's just a record shot, but new visitors will note I have it on an old manual equatorial for a 60mm store-bought Bushnell refractor.  All my images are taken with manual tracking using the slow motion knobs.  I roughly align the mount to the north and it seems to work well for the relatively short exposures needed for solar work (a little more than 30 seconds for 1000 frames).  The SolarMaxII is a very worthwhile investment.  I notice a small loss in edge detail when I use it, but a huge increase in contrast and detail on the disk.  Note the red, plastic clothespin.  It is clipped to the scope's focusing knob and makes fine focus adjustment MUCH easier!