Monday, February 11, 2013

Jupiter--Reprocessing vs Overprocessing

The closest I can get to astronomy in the current cloudy weather is to reprocess some shots I've already taken.  This is yet another reprocessed image of Jupiter--this time with adjustments using smart sharpening, denoising, and levels/saturation adjustment in Photoshop. The differences in all these pix are fairly small, but you can see definite differences in the revealed fine detail.  The trick, from my perspective, is to avoid an "overcooked" look, which I see very frequently in processed planetary images.  I think the image below looks a little like a sketch done with pastel crayons.

The image below is one I consider to be "overcooked."  The processing has brought out more details, but the image looks very "digital" and has a number of sharpening artifacts.  For this image, I did heavy wavelet processing of the above image in Registax and then despeckled and denoised in Photoshop.