Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PST Double Stack

I came home today to find this package sitting on the kitchen counter:

My double stack filter had finally arrived!  I hurriedly opened the box and found the following case inside:

It felt impressively heavy.  I opened it and found a beautiful piece of engineering inside.

I lifted the filter out.  Like the PST, it feels like a solid, high-quality product.  The build and finish were impressive. Here is a view, looking into the back of the filter.

Fitting to the PST was simplicity itself.  It screws right into the threads on the lens hood.  The fully-assembled instrument looks like it means business!

The DS PST is obviously too long for the cutout in the Coronado case.  Increasing the size would require cutting  the foam and reducing the cushioning between the scope and the case at both ends of the instrument.  My plan is to store the PST and the filter in their own cases and assemble them each observing session.

I can't wait to try it out!