Monday, October 8, 2012

More DS vs Standard Experiments

I followed some excellent advice I received from the Yahoo PST group and spent a good deal of time setting up the DS filter on the scope.  I found that the "sweet spot" for the SolarMax II had the tuner hard up against the pin.  I carefully removed the pin and repositioned it 5 holes away in the middle of the tuner slot.  This gave me extra capabilities when it came to tuning, although at the other end of travel, the image was too dark to see.

Visuallty, I could really see a big difference with the DS in place--much more surface detail was visible, but prominences seemed a little fainter and not as detailed.  I took the following images for comparison.  I cropped then to about 25% of size, and oversharpened them to exaggerate differences.  Here is the DS image:

And here is the standard image:

The DS image had more features and a more balanced look.  The standard seems better focused, which highlights one of the issues I'm having when imaging.  The DS is very hard to focus optimally.  Unstacked, you have a real sense of "snap: as the scope reaches focus.  I don't get that with the DS and I seem to be hunting for he least hazy image position on focus.  I should point out that this is only an issue when imaging.  Visually, focus using the DS is sharp and clear.