Wednesday, July 26, 2017

More Xterminator II Testing

The Xterminator II continues to wow me with its sensitivity. These images are stacks of 3 x 4 second (yes, 4 second!!) integrations at gain 5, with the exception of the M56 globular, which is just a single integration.

I tried some settings in the camera control software (Miloslick) that should have fixed the elongated stars, but it didn't work. Sometimes, the software does not override the camera firmware settings (thank you for the tip, Rock Mallin!), so I'll make sure I set the firmware values next time.

Overall, the results for the Ring and Dumbbell nebulae hold up well for public viewing, which is what the Xterminator was designed for.

Note that the central star in the Ring Nebula is clearly visible--at magnitude 15.7, that's not bad for a 4-second integration!