Monday, July 10, 2017

AR2665 with 90mm MAK & H-Alpha

AR2665 is the biggest sunspot of 2017, stretching over 125,000 km across the solar surface.  This image was taken on July 8, 2017, and, like all images, was captured with the superb Mallincam DS2.3+ imager:

Here is a crop:

The sunspot is a complex of many cores, capable of producing M-Class flares.

The H-Alpha image shows a little more of the underlying structure:

And here is the crop; it's interesting to compare it to the white light image:

There was also a nice "hedgerow" prominence visible on H-alpha:

I took another image on July 9, but for some reason, it does not show as much detail. This was a hurried shot, and I suspect the imager was not orthogonal to the optical axis of the scope.

Weather permitting, I'll try to follow this spot over the next few days.