Monday, September 28, 2015

Harvest Blood Super Moon! 9.27.2015

Tonight's "Blood Moon" was front and center in many news sources today. A Blood Moon occurs when there is a lunar eclipse (i.e., the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun) while the Moon is close to its closest point to earth on its orbit (a so-called "Supermoon"). Because the Moon's angular diameter as seen from Earth is a little bigge at this timer, and because the Earth's atmosphere bends light like a lens or prism (with red light being bent the most), the Moon appears a coppery-red color. The event began at around 9:07 pm, with the total phase starting about an hour later. The event is relatively rare, with the last one occurring 33 years ago. The next will not be until 2033. These pix were captured with my ST-80 and Canon Xti.