Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Going Deep!

The Cocoon and the Wizard Nebulas are very difficult imaging targets. These images were taken last week with the ST-80 and the Mallincam DSm. The Wizard is hard to see--just a grey wisp at the right side of the image. The Cocoon is a little more defined, but color would definitely have helped in this image.The Cocoon image shows the 10th magnitude stars that are part of the nebula, but also note the dark lanes around it: Barnard 168.

Wide view of the Cocoon with the ST-80. Note the dark nebula B168 surrounding it

Zoomed in Cocoon
The Wizard Nebula is an open cluster with nebulosity. It is very hard to observe and usually an OIII filter is needed. I tried to image with an OIII in this session, but all I could see was bloated stars.  The faint wisp of nebulosity on the right hand side of this image is the Wizard.

The Wizard Nebula (right of center)