Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Usual Suspect

I realize my deep sky "gallery" is a little on the skimpy side and this image does nothing to add to the variety. This is another pic of M13 taken last night with the 14 and a Nikon D40.  I only managed to get 2 decent, 30 second exposures.  The other images displayed what I call "bounce."  That is, the stars look like small dumbells.  The effect is caused, I believe, by the bounce of the DSLR as the mirror flips up during exposure. The night was perfectly still yesterday, so I was hoping for better results.  I've tried other DSLRs, too--notably the Canon Rebel XTi, but they all had more bouncing than the Nikon, which appears to be the best in this regard. The image is a long way from perfect, but it is a big improvement on the image I captured last October.