Sunday, July 15, 2012

Observatory Part 2

This is a longish post, so click on it to see the whole post, and click on each pic if you want to see full size.  We went back up today to do some more work at the observatory site.  Unfortunately, the ground was way too stony for us to screw in the earth anchor kits for the frame.  I sent my son (Scott) and my son-in-law (Nathan) to buy concrete while I dug 2 foot deep holes in stony soil in direct sun and 90 degree heat.  The result is in the pic below:

And here are some of the rocks I had to dig out--definitely hard work with a drainage shovel--which was all I had:

When they got back, we filled the holes with concrete and poured in the water.  As was the case yesterday, a dry thunderstorm rolled over, but we kept working.  We got the frame anchored, square, and level and then began work on finishing the floor kit.  In the pic below are two proud members of the construction team, Scott on the left, Nathan on the right!  Fine men!