Friday, June 29, 2012


This image of Saturn was captured with the 125 last night.  ETX 125 with 2x 'shorty' barlow.  500 stacked frames, with processing in Registax 6. The Cassini Division is clearly visible, and the Crepe Ring can just be seen on the inner edge of the rings.  Notice also the shadow of the planet on the rings at approx the 11 o'clock position. The darker pole area is also visible, with a lighter belt above and the even lighter equatorial belt.  Features are hard to see on Saturn, and I was not able to visually see any white spots or other differentiation; nothing appears to be visible on the captured images at this scale; maybe a 3x barlow would have helped.  It's interesting how much better this image is than one I posted earlier in this blog, taken with the 14 inch scope.  The difference is mainly in the seeing; it is so much better here in MA than in IN. If you look at the earlier pic, the change in the angle of the ring-plane is quite apparent.