Monday, June 18, 2012

Observatory progress

I've decided to postpone further work until I get back from vacation--I leave later this week.  The issue of anchoring the shed is an important one.  I was thinking of cementing a 4x4 inside each corner and attaching the floor and the 2x4 running around the top of the observatory walls to it. However, I think an earth anchor kit will suffice.  The kit is a triangular "gusset" that attaches to each corner of the floor frame and is then anchored with a long, metal "corkscrew."  This approach will dispense with the complexity of the cemented 4x4s.  I think I will build stud walls instead and put insulation in the cavities.  The earth anchor kit should be here in about 10 days, so work can begin when I get back in earnest.