Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jupiter May 6, 2017

After a cool and windy day, the evening gave us some of the best seeing in months here in Indiana. I couldn't resist the opportunity to dig out the 125MAK OTA (a first-generation ETX) and to take some images of the Moon and Jupiter using the Mallincam DS2.3+. With the GRS in the center of the disk for much of the evening, Jupiter promised some interesting images. The results were better than I could have expected. Seeing was superb--long, slow ripples as opposed to the rapid "choppy water" fluctuations we normally get here. The detail is excellent for such a small aperture. This image is a stack of around 100 avi frames processed and stacked in Registax 6. The final image is cropped.

Below is the image before cropping:

Three of the Galilean Moons are visible, and the next pic enhanced to show them better:

Furthest out on the left of the planet is Ganymede; Io is closer to Jupiter in this image. The moon to the right is Europa.