Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Flame Nebula 2.1.16--Raw vs Processed Image

Below are 2 images of the Flame Nebula (part of the Orion Molecular Cloud). The first image shows a heavily processed version of a 2-minute exposure taken with my VRC-6, 0.5x focal reducer, and UHC filter. The imager was a Mallincam Jr Pro EX. The second image is the original, "raw" capture. Notice that the nebula is all but invisible

The Flame Nebula--Processed Image

I used Photoshop to adjust the histogram and the curves, which enabled me to "pull out" a fairly noisy image of the nebula (the glow in the upper left corner is amp glow from the imager electronics). The Flame is not bright and, at the time of imaging, Orion was on the edge of the skyglow "band" from Lafayette, across the Wabash River.

The Flame Nebula--Raw Image