Friday, October 16, 2015

Deep in the POD

Here's a pic of the Indiana POD Observatory in action. The right hand screen is a Surface Pro 3 managing camera control and imaging through a USB hub (this is an actual, live image of the Eagle Nebula on the screen). Next to it is an Asus netbook running PhD software which is autoguiding the main scope from the ED-80 mounted piggyback.

Here's a pic of the POD and scope from the outside. The Orion autoguider is in the piggybacked Orion scope and the Mallincam Xtreme is mounted on the main scope.

It's quite astonishing how much room there is in the POD, even with the 14 inch sitting on a space-gobbling tripod. You would not want a school field trip in there, but for one or two observers, it's perfect!