Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mallincam DSm, ST-80, and Smart EQ Pro

My grab n'go combo pulled it off again last night, with the EQ Pro tracking brilliantly and allowing 1-minute, unguided exposures and spot on GOTOs. The ST-80 is light, has a low f-ratio and a very wide FOV (as you can see in these images). The usual suspects are here--the Ring, Dumbbell, and M13. But I also captured for the first time, M56, a small, compact and rather faint globular cluster. Like most of the objects in these images, it is very small in the wide FOV, but it took almost a 1 minute exposure to capture it. The DSm performed very well and did excellent on-the-fly dark field processing using the same set of 10 x 10-second darks for each exposure.