Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Crackling Sun!

Captured yesterday, these images show how much solar activity has increased over the last week or so. We have X-Class flare producing regions and multiple long, dark filaments. The first image shows the swirling maelstrom that is AR 1890. This region produced an X-1 class flare yesterday.

AR 1890
There are a number of other active regions, indicating that this SolarMax seems to be of the "double peak" type; there could be lots more to look forward to! The image below show a string of multiple active regions (AR 1888 and AR 1889) and a prominence on the edge of the solar disc,
AR 1888 & AR 1889 plus prominence
Finally, there are so many filaments on the disk at the moment that I'm almost spoilt for choice. Here is a shot of some fine examples to finish out today's post:

Snaking filaments (unfortunately marred by Newton's Rings)