Saturday, March 30, 2013

Move-In Day!

With the indispensable help of family and friends, the 14 inch is now installed at Walnut Ridge.  It was a close thing.  We arrived at the site to find that the proprietors of the land had changed the padlocks on the gates, so we could not get in.  However, the group were undeterred and at great personal sacrifice, lugged the scope (in its box) and the mount plus ultrawedge several hundred yards over an open field and uphill to the observatory.  So--Scott (my son), David (my partner in crime), Ken (a friend of David's and all-around good guy), and Declan (David's son)--thank you all for service above and beyond the call of duty!

From L to R:  Scott, Declan, Ken and David at Walnut Ridge
We also took the time while we were there to do some solar observations.  The weather was a little hazy, but the sun was definitely worth a look.

Next steps--alignment and setup!
The 14 inch installed at Walnut Ridge--finally!