Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Solar Imaging November 13, 2012

Today, those lucky enough to live in the southern hemisphere will enjoy a total solar eclipse today.  I am watching a live feed of the sunrise from Australia as I write this. Even though we won't see an eclipse in the northern hemisphere, the PST makes the sun exciting every day!  Here are some images I took today with the PST/SolarMaxII.

Active areas and a nice edge prominence

Dark filaments, active areas, and a prominence

An active solar disk
Here are some pix of my rather primitive PST setup.  As you can see, the whole thing is completely manual.  I use the slow motion knobs to drive the PST as I image.  I typically take around 1000 frames at 30FPS and stack and process them in Registax.
Here are a couple of pix of the PST and SolarMaxII. The converted Microsoft webcam can be seen in the second image.
PST and SolarMaxII on a cheap equatorial mount
The converted Microsoft webcam