Monday, March 16, 2015

The Sun 03-16-2015

A frequent contributor to the Yahoo PST group not only takes great solar images and time-lapse videos, he also has some great ideas. Today, I tried his technique of removing the barrel from the ASI 120MM imager and placing it directly over the eyepiece barrel of the PST. I tried this technique in a very rapid imaging session over lunchtime. I held the camera in place with a rubber band with the camera body slightly tilted. The results were pretty good for a first attempt, and most importantly, the Newton's Rings that have plagued my images are eliminated!  I plan on experimenting more in the next days and weeks to see if I can get close to matching some of his superb images.

These pix show AR 2297 prominently. It's a region that has been cracking with X-Class flares.